Technical and Applied Department


Since the world today is focused on the skills, this department is offering the skills to the students that will enable them fit in the competitive world. The wide choice of subjects is aimed at tapping individual student’s talents. Since the education curriculum is competent based, this department is trying to nurture the talents of the students with the objective that, if they cannot be able to secure white collar jobs, then they can be better placed in the blue collar jobs for their upkeep.

This department comprises of three subjects that are being offered in our school namely:

ü  Agriculture

ü  Business Studies

ü  Computer Studies

All the three subjects are compulsory in Forms one and two. When they get into form three, they select them depending on their interest and ability

It is well staffed with four competent teachers who are in number with the students’ population. The following are the teachers in respect to their subject:

    • Mr Nelson Osoro Nyambati
    • Ms Rhoda Nyamisa Abuga
    • Ms Dolvine Kemunto Bisonga
    • Mr Erick Gichana Oriku

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